Joanna Hope

Dip.Hyp CS, Dip.PC, Ad Dip.PC, MHS, MNCS (Accred), O.A Dip (CB)


Tel. 07944 034 403

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- Burnham on Crouch

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Psychotherapy & Counselling...

When we are struggling in our lives, sharing the experience with someone who is understanding and who listens to us may help us to resolve issues and feel better.


Psychotherapy and counselling offers you a safe space in which you can talk with me about issues that you may be finding difficult in life, whether that be from the past to the present.  You might, for example, be experiencing a difficulty in relation to another person, a confidence problem or unhappiness in your work. Sometimes people think their problem is too unimportant to deserve attention, but this is rarely the case and they are much more likely to be underestimating the significance of it. Sometimes what appears on the surface can be the tip of the iceberg.


Through therapy people can become aware of the things that were holding them back in addressing their current difficulties. Often these may be inner rules we have for ourselves which have been taken in from other people and go contrary to the person you really are. We can work with these and try to reduce their power, helping you instead to live according to your real personal needs and feelings.


People may often benefit as a whole person from therapy, they may feel more confident and stronger in themselves. They may find that they are more able to talk about their feelings to others and that their relationships may improve as a result.


So, what to expect... Firstly, you have made a great first step in acknowledging that you would like some help in resolving current issues by simply looking up on this page, the next step would be to have a telephone conversation with me at a time that is convenient to you where I will take a few short details and answer any questions you may have. We can then sort out a day and time that is convenient to us both to go through your initial consultation, this tends to take about an hour. Once we have completed your initial consultation I will discuss with you a treatment plan and we can work together, usually at weekly meetings, to help improve or resolve any issues.


I plan my sessions with my clients on a completely personalised basis and use various techniques to assist my clients to confidently move forward. My therapy room is our therapy room, it is your safe space to talk to me and unload any emotions you may be feeling. We will work at your own pace and you will never be forced or pushed into doing anything you do not feel happy with. I am here as your support to try to move forward from whatever issues you are dealing with.


Please see below various types of therapy I can help you with. Take your time to read over my site and take in any information you choose, then if / when you are ready I am only a telephone call / e-mail / facebook message away.