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Meet the Pathview Animals...

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Mary is one of our longest garden residents here at Pathview. Mary is approaching 3 years old next April and has been with us for the past 2 years. Mary is an Ouessant minature sheep which is a fairly rare breed. Mary has the most loving personality and is very much food orientated, she is always eating! Mary loves having her head scratched and stroked and always comes to call.



Rosie arrived with Daisy this year after being collected from Dover. Rosie is only 1 year old and turns 2 next April. Rosie was extremely timid and shy when she first arrived with us but through lots of time being spent with her she is now the first one infront of all others who gets to you first for the food! Rosie is very loving and really likes having her head scratched, she can be a little bossy to the others with always wanting to be at the front to see whats going on... and extremely nosey girl!!!



Daisy came to us this year with Rosie, they have been together since birth. Daisy was also extremely timid when she arrived, however, has come a long way in becoming less shy but is still by far our more timid girl. Daisy likes to look from behind the safety of her "sisters", however, once her trust has been gained she may be tempted closer for some food! A really lovely little girl who is learningto come out of her shell slowly.


These are our resident chickens who have been with us for many years. All our chickens are rescued and live a life of luxury scratching about free range in over half an acre of land. All of our girls come running to call and cannot wait for some grain to be thrown to them!


<<<             SMURF


This is Smurf, our longest resident at 8 years old. Smurf was rescued by us at approx 12 weeks old where he was captured as a ferral cat covered in maggots and fish oil in Harwich docks. Smurf spent the first 2 weeks with us hiding under a bed and wouldnt come out, he didnt know how to play or socialise at all. After A LOT of work he started to turn things around. Smurf is now the most amazingly friendly cat who LOVES being stroked and cuddled. As soon as he hears anyone in the garden he is the first to come running up meowing for a stroke and to see whats going on!